eXe: new modifications

  • Daniel Pascual
    Daniel Pascual

    Dear eXe community,

    First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel Pascual and I work for Atos Origin in Madrid (Spain) (www.atosorigin.com), concretely in ARI (Atos Research and Innovation) department. Atos Research & Innovation is a point of reference in innovation for the whole Atos Origin group. It focuses on projects combining research & development.

    We are participating as a member of a consortium in two research projects in which the eXeLearning tool is being used: EU4ALL, a project that belongs to the FP6 program from the European Comission (http://www.eu4all-project.eu) and CISVI, a project that belongs to Avanza I+D program from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Spain (http://www.cisvi.es). Within the scope of these two projects some changes in eXe have been made to adapt it to the environment in which the tool is going to be used.

    In the following list you can find the changes in which we have focused on:
    - To upgrade the TinyMCE HTML editor from version to version 3.3.2. We have had to adapt the different plugins like Advimage, Advlink, Exemath, Media so that they work properly with this new version.
    -  We have inserted a new plugin in the TinyMCE toolbar called Language plugin. Thanks to it, users may write in multiple languages. Users select the text in the HTML editor and can choose from a drop down list the language in which the text is written. The changes in the language will appear in the HTML code with the corresponding tags.
    - TinyMCE language: we have made a new function to link the language in which the editor is displayed with the language users choose for eXe interface. If a language is selected in eXe this will be the language for the HTML editor too. Notice that eXe provides multiple options of languages; however we have not included all this languages in TinyMCE. The languages included are: English, Spanish and French. The rest of languages that may be selected in eXe will have English HTML editor as default language.
    - Pages and activities headings are now displayed with H1 and H2 tags respectively in the HTML code.

    We would like to share all these modifications with the community once they are tested by eXe authors. We would like to know the steps that we have to follow to contribute with these modifications in the community. We will wait for your indications if your team is interested in publishing all these modifications.

    Thank you very much and kind regards,

    Daniel Pascual Domeño

  • Uwe Kohnle
    Uwe Kohnle

    Dear Mr. Domeño , dear community,
    lernmodule.net has made extensions and modifications to eXe and they are available at http://www.exelearningplus.de . We focused on the needs of german speaking teachers - for example Geogebra 3.2 - and some SCORM-Tests are inside. The SCORM-compatibility was improved. eXelearningPlus now works for example with ilias.
    We are planning to make further developments to eXe because it's a popular tool in german speaking countries.
    So we are interested to get in contact with you und others of the community.

    Kind regards,
    Uwe Kohnle

  • Noel Cosgrave
    Noel Cosgrave

    As it has been over two months since you posted your list of changes and no concrete response has been received, could you make them available to other eXe users?  I've been wanting to move to TinyMCE 3 but have yet to find the time to start work on it.

  • Nacho Mora
    Nacho Mora

    Hola Daniel. estoy trabajando en una plataforma Online y me gustaría poder usar una versión más reciente del TinyMCE en exe. No se como hacerlo y al parecer tu ya lo has conseguido. ¿podrías ayudarme?
    Yo estoy usando Exelearning  en Mac.

  • Daniel Pascual
    Daniel Pascual

    Dear eXe community,

    As several persons have been interested by the modifications that have be done to the original eXe version I want to ask again how we can share all these modifications with the community once they are tested by eXe authors. We would like to know the steps that we have to follow to contribute with these modifications in the community. We will wait for your indications if your team is interested in publishing all these modifications so that all interested people can benefit of all this changes (explained in the first message of this thread).

    Thank you very much and kind regards,

    Daniel Pascual

  • Jim Tittsler
    Jim Tittsler

    The best method would be to share your modifications so that the community can try them.  Publish the address of your git repository so that people that are interested can experiment with all or some of your changes.

  • Jim Tittsler
    Jim Tittsler

    Daniel sent me an email about where to host his repository, but email to him bounces…  so here is a more generic public reply to his questions:

    The great thing about using git (or similar distributed version control system) is that it really doesn't matter where you publish your repository as long as it is publicly available.  It does not need to be at SourceForge (although there is at least one other eXe project here).  There are also people using Github, I think there is at least one at Gitorious, and there are a couple of schools that have their own repositories (git can be served through http, so the hosting requirements are minimal).

    The only key things are:
    - make access to the repository public so that anyone interested can take advantage of your work
    - make incremental changes so that it is practical for anyone interested in reviewing your work and merging it into their
    development can do it (One change per function with meaningful commit messages is the rule here… not a gigantic change that touches many files doing several different things.)
    These have become standard practice in the Open Source world thanks to distributed version control.

    If you don't already have a preference or somewhere that you are using for software development, I'd recommend using Gitorious or Github, since they are each very easy to get started on and really promote the "fork, contribute, and merge" development model.

  • Daniel Pascual
    Daniel Pascual

    Thank you for your answer,

    Finally we have used Gitorious option to upload our code. Everyone can download the source code with the modifications made in eXeLearning in the following URL:


    This is the main page of the project and there you can find the URL repository to clone the project and have a copy of the new version of the tool. Besides in the install/windows directory of the repository we have upoloaded an esay windows intaller of the tool.

    I hope everybody finds this version useful,

    Best regards,

    Daniel Pascual.