iDevice wish-list

  • Matthew Leach
    Matthew Leach

    One thing that seems to hold eXe back is a lack of flashy iDevices.  Are there any that you'd love to have?

  • Well. We are actually devoping a lot of elearning material with eXeLearnind and content developers claims a lot because the lack of "Select From a List Field" IDevice.

  • Paradocs

    Greetings and thanks for your fine work,

    When I make and export and save a
    Tools -> iDevice Editor -> Feedback
    the button name is saved but the text
    I placed in the field does not come up on my system.
    Am I doing something wrong or if not
    it would be nice to have an iDevice to
    repeat a boiler-plated message.  Since we
    use the same message repeatedly, it would
    save a lot of cut and past and prevent

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  • liviup

    Quick question: Is there any posibility to add an iDevice or modify an existing one? There is this functionality which I believe is really usefull: the SCORMquiz iDevice should support multiple correct answers instead of just one.I tested this on Win v 1.04.1 r 3590 downloaded from sourceforge. The reason I'm refering to the SCORMquiz is that only the score should be displayed; the "correctness" of an answer should not be shown like in the case of the MultiSelect iDevice.
    If this functionality impl is not possible do you have any tips about how to do it for someone that has a background in python?


    Great work with eXe

  • liviup

    Ops, just noticed the link to creating custom iDevices

  • I like the slideshow idevice described on  But I see there's no plan to get this working.  Is it insurmountable difficulties or just lack of interest, or just that slideshow itself is a bit of a hack - being able to export swf with sound from OOo Impress would be the better solution.

  • Mike Dawson
    Mike Dawson


    I made a slideshow idevice that uses Javascript / XHTML - so the user can add textarea boxes and then choose what kind of transition they want.  For each one there is a sound file.

    I have a fair few extra idevices that I have been working on - likely takes a few more days to get them ready into something that can be uploaded. 

    Such an idevice would be relatively straightforward.   Does OOo Impress not support embedding mp3s etc. in the first place so that you can use the flash idevice?



  • That sounds fantastic!  OOoImpress does support embedding mp3s, and they can be exported to PowerPoint format, but no sound comes through when exporting to .swf.


  • You're Mike Dawson from the eXe Learning DHTML Game Plugins.  Those demo games are pretty impressive.  I tried getting them to work (opening offdemo.elp), but kept getting errors. 

    Sounds like it is quite a lot of work getting the new iDevices merged back into the main project.

    Does the slideshow idevice work in the main exe or do you need the version of exe from the eldep page?