Scorm Package not working in ADL Test Suite

  • AntonioO

    I used EXE to develop a Scorm package and loved working with it. But, I need the package to pass the ADL Scorm Conformance Test Suite for Content Package… and I can't get an exported package to pass. It says…

    Manifest Test Conformance Summary
    ERROR:   The manifest is NOT well-formed
    ERROR:   The manifest is NOT valid against the controlling documents
    Package contains no SCOs - No SCO testing will be conducted
    ERROR:   The Package is Non-Conformant.

    Am I doing something wrong when exporting? Thanks in advance for ANY help!!

  • brent simpson
    brent simpson

    You are probably not doing anything wrong but unfortunately eXe has not been under active development for some time and the SCORM functionality may be quite out of date at this point. There has been some third party work on the project that may help. Will try to see if i can locate the work of this group for you to see if they can help.