How I got EXE to work on Windows 7


  • Anonymous

    I'm a new EXE user. I tried it out last week for the first time on Windows XP and it worked perfectly. But I couldn't get it to run on my other laptop which has Windows 7. A Firefox page opens with an error message (something about XUL). The installation notes of EXE say that it's meant for Windows XP and Vista. I tried using the 'program compatibility' checker on Windows 7 but that didn't help.

    Some other users have reported problems with running EXE on the latest Firefox version on Windows 7. To eliminate Firefox as the problem, I changed my default browser to IE.

    Then I opened the task manager and ended the EXE process - I think it runs in the background even if you haven't managed to open it successfully. After that I started EXE again and voila! I can now use it!

    I can't say if EXE will run perfectly now, but I have managed to get it running. The trick could be to change the default browser to IE (I have IE 8) on Windows 7 and make sure that EXE is not already running in the background before restarting it.

  • Pat Toh
    Pat Toh

    Hi, I'm having the same problem with my Window 7. Can I know how to change the default browser? Thanks.

  • outthere

    This method used to wok for me but now I can't get either the installed or USB version to open. the only way I can get it to work is to use XP Mode on Virtual PC.

    Hope this helps