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Excel Writer v.13 released

New features since last note here:

  • freeze panes
  • cell comments
  • vertical text alignment
  • text orientation
  • added Ada.Calendar.Time Put/Write and date built-in formats
  • background colours
  • wrap_text format option
  • added Next and Next_Row
  • Text_IO's New_Line(lines), Line, Col now available
Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2014-04-12 Labels: release

Excel Writer v.06 released

New in 06:
- Added page layout
- Added custom number formats
- Added styles (% or ,)
- Fixed Write_column_width

New in 04 & 05:
- Some new built-in Excel numeric formats
- Usage of Excel_Out instead of Ada.Text_IO (and conversely) made a bit easier
- Should compile on any Ada 95+ compiler (a non-compliant detail was fixed)

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2010-03-12

Excel Writer v.03 released

- data stream can now by any; supplied: Excel_Out_File, Excel_Out_String
- added "Text_IO"-like Put, Put_Line, New_Line,...

Last incompatibility for those using the 01/02 versions:
to write a file, you need to use Excel_Out_File instead of Excel_Out_Stream (which is now abstract); to create it is now Create instead of Create_File, same for Close.

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2009-02-16

Excel Writer v.02 released

- row/column coordinates are 1-based (they have to!)
- added horizonal alignment and cell borders

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2009-02-14