eWorld: 0.9_alpha released

eWorld is a framework to import mapping data from providers, such as OpenStreetMap.org (OSM), visualize it, edit and enrich it with events or annotational attributes and pass it to traffic simulators, such as SUMO or VanetMobiSim.

Hello eWorld-users,

for the past few months we worked hard to present another major release to you. The main feature is the port from Qt to Swing. This should provide a great memory advantage over the previous version, which used to be one of our major problems. Be aware that this is an alpha release and that there are still known issues and plugins that are not fully functional. We will be working to stabilize this release in another development iteration, and your feedback is more than welcome.

We have also released an updated user and developer manual, as well as a readme containing all known bugs and issues.

Of course, the current beta version 0.8.3 is still available as the default download in our files section on SourceForge.


Posted by Martin Czuchra 2010-03-31