eWorld: 0.8.2 released

eWorld is a framework to import mapping data from providers, such as OpenStreetMap.org (OSM), visualize it, edit and enrich it with events or annotational attributes and pass it to traffic simulators, such as SUMO or VanetMobiSim.

Hello eWorld-users,

5 months after the last release, its time for the new eWorld 0.8.2. This time the focus lay mainly on bug fixes and performance improvements. The OSM-Import and EWD-Loading takes now up to 90 % less time and is more accurate/stable. In addition to that, eWorld supports now the new Sumo 0.11 file format. For a full list of changes and fixes you can refer to the user manual.

Kind regards,
Stefan Reichel
David Rieck

Posted by Matthias Kleine 2009-04-03