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Evolvotron / News: Recent posts

Evolvotron 0.6.2 release

It's been quite a while since the last release. Apart from a few minor improvements and new image functions, the main new feature is the ability to specify multiple saved functions to be loaded on startup on the command line.

Posted by Tim Day 2012-08-19

0.6.1 bugfix release

This release fixes some issues with file save/load in 0.6.0.

In particular it allows saved functions to be loaded again (alternatively, a workround in 0.6.0 is to edit the second line of saved xml and replace version=0.6.0 with version="0.6.0")

This update is recommended to anyone making anything other than casual use of evolvotron.

Posted by Tim Day 2009-08-03

Repository migrated to svn

The evolvotron code repository has migrated from CVS to SVN.

Posted by Tim Day 2008-08-24