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EvolvedIRC / News: Recent posts

New Developer

Well he's been with Evolved for awhile but I never added him here because I didn't find out he had an SF account till today so yeah... His name is Ryan Goggin so all welcome Ryan to the crew.

Posted by Matthew Sporich 2005-02-28

Projects Started

EvolvedHTML has been started and is currently under development.
EvolvedIRC has also be re-started, and is currently going under some
minor fixes before Version 0.1a is released. The main options for this
have been completed but a few more things must be added before
the first release has been made. We will update you all on further information about the
projects when we can. Thank you.

--pSquared: Ryan Goggin;
--Site Admin: Developer;

Posted by Matthew Sporich 2004-10-13