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More languages coming soon

We are proud to announce, that we will have more languages available with the final realease of EVO-CMS than expected:
Albanian, English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Turkish
Our translators are currently working on the translations - THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your hard work.

Posted by chiroptera 2010-08-19

Final Release Date

Unfortunately the final release of EVO-CMS 2.1.0 is once again delayed. Our users had some problems with RC5 and it takes some time to fix these bugs. Nevertheless our website at http://www.evo-german.com runs smooth with the newest version and therefore we are all confident to do the final release soon.

Posted by chiroptera 2010-08-19

Project Website Temporary Offline

Our project website http://www.nuke-evolution.de and http://www.evo-german.com is temporary not available. Please make use of the source forge forums of this project for the mean time. We hope to be back with our project website soon. We apologise for the trouble caused.

Posted by chiroptera 2010-05-21

2.1.0 Final Release coming soon

We are in the last phase of codereview before releasing 2.1.0 Final Version.

Maybe - if there are no major bugs occuring (which normally shouldn't), I think about an release in the next two weeks.

Posted by ReOrGaNiSaTiOn 2010-03-02