#22 Check the "URL to TinyMCE" plugin setting.

daniel hahler

I upgraded my blog to b2evoloution 3.3, and now I can't load the wysiwyg TinyMCE editor. Instead I get this cryptic message: TinyMCE javascript could not be loaded. Check the "URL to TinyMCE" plugin setting.

What does this mean, and how do I fix this?


  • daniel hahler
    daniel hahler

    Have you checked the "URL to TinyMCE" setting? It's in the options/settings for the plugin.
    If this appears to be correct (e.g. try accessing it directly from your browser), look out for any Javascript error during loading.

    However, TinyMCE is integrated in b2evolution itself since around version 3.1, and not maintained here anymore.
    Please refer to the forums at http://forums.b2evolution.net instead for bug reports - if you are using the shipped plugin that is.
    I am not doing much b2evo work myself, so I cannot help much further.
    I recommend using the latest version of b2evo (4.x), or rather whissip.

    It looks like a config issue only, so you should be able to solve it for 3.3.x, too.

    Maybe you have messed something up when uploading the new version, related to the plugin now being shipped in the core?!
    Try removing/renaming the tinymce_plugin folder on your server and re-upload it (from the b2evo files).

    However, this is re

  • jfenello

    There is no such setting in the options/setting for that plugin.