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EVMS 2.0.0 Released

The EVMS team is announcing the first full release of the new Enterprise Volume Management System. Package 2.0.0 is now available for download at the project web site:


This release is for the new EVMS design, which is based on user-space volume discovery and communication with existing kernel drivers, such as MD/Software-RAID and Device-Mapper.

Please see the INSTALL file in the 2.0.0 package for information about installing and getting started with the new EVMS. Since this new design is based on user-space discovery, there will no longer be boot-time volume activation. Please see the INSTALL file for information about how to activate your volumes using the EVMS user-interfaces and utilities.

Please see the README file in the 2.0.0 package for more detailed notes concerning this release.

EVMS 2.0.0 is supported on 2.4.20, 2.4.19, and 2.5.66 kernels.

If you have any questions, find any bugs, or simply want to report success stories, please send email to the EVMS mailing list (evms-devel@lists.sf.net) or visit the EVMS IRC channel (irc.freenode.net, #evms).

Please see the notes and changelog at:

Posted by Kevin Corry 2003-03-29