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#38 Auto-Calibrate

Cesar Mauri-Loba

(Formerly filled by Victor@Viev)
What I notice is that when I look up, and my head won't go any that's as high as the mouse will ever go (and my head) that 'has' to be the top of the screen.
The same is true for down/left and right.

eViacam can make small adjustments to the callibration while it's running, and get a feel for the extent of Up/Down and Left/Right movements/boundaries and compensate accordingly.

i.e. Auto-Calibrate on the fly.

I feel this would be a great feature and relatively easy to implement.

  1. We know that we are working within a rectangle (the screen);
  2. We know (as eViacam is being used, that boundary limits are being set by the range of movement of the user (highest/lowest fartheest-left/farthest-right);
  3. 1) and 2) define the a simple algorithm can work acceleration and movement within the range/rectangle.

Together, I feel these would make the tool so much easier to use.

(Commented by georgn)
Regarding the calibration I am of the opinion that the wizard in Eviacam is rather for the rough estimation of settings that need extensive fine tuning. To me it is not desirable to have to move my face very far in any direction. I like the idea of constant adjustments on the fly but again I suggest to make it an option.