#19 make the window to come up by moving the mouse arrow to the left/right/top edge of the screen

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all buttons on the main window should have dwell click functionality per-se, even if it's not activated within the program options. this gives the user full control.


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  • I can't find a good reason for including this feature. Can you provide an scenario in which this feature is useful? Furthermore, it is not easy to implement (toolbar does not support mouse_enter events).

  • georgn

    I think my suggestion makes sense because when there are several users on the same PC it is possible that a non-handicapped user switches dwell-clicking off. If after a while a person who needs these function comes back to the computer and the function has not been changed back to 'on', the handicapped user has to ask somebody for help. this problem can be avoided by functionality i suggested. Perhaps it's a good addition to make this optional.

    I don't think you should invest too much time in this idea because it would just represent a small improvement.

  • I see two solutions:

    - If you disable the dwell-click using the leftmost icon in the click window, it can be enabled again using such icon (it has a built-in dwell click).

    - Add a feature which consists on disabling eViacam for while whilst the regular mouse is used.

    What do you think?

  • georgn

    adding the feature you mentioned is a very good idea but it should remain optional. when playing video games it is essential for me to be able to use eViacam and standard mouse simultaneously.

  • georgn

    here is another example why this function would be useful:

    in order to watch a movie in fullscreen without the click window you have to shutdown the click window. Because you don't want to accidentally click on the screen (which actually stars/pauses the film) you have to disable auto click as well. Now you have to use a real mouse to activate auto click again. Therefore I plead for the inclusion of optional per-se activity of dwell-click functionality of the eViacam user interface buttons.

  • in this scenario, how can you bring the main window to the foreground if the click is disabled?

  • georgn

    I was thinking about this for a while now and I came up with the following ideas:

    how about a small button in the taskbar that you can click in order to bring up the window?

    another possibility could be to let the user define an area in which the mouse arrow needs to be moved into in order to bring it up. the solution would be even better because the eViacam window could be brought up even while the screen is completely empty.

    a third possibility might be to make the window to come up by moving the mouse arrow to the left/right/top edge of the screen.

  • I find the third option the most simple and interesting one. good.

    it could even allow to disable eViacam completely and re-enable using such a gesture.

    • summary: enable dwell-click on main window --> make the window to come up by moving the mouse arrow to the left/right/top edge of the screen
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