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Damocles Web site

Damocles has a web site...
You can see the features listing,the members of the team and many informations about Damocles.

Posted by Smallpox 2004-05-22

Damocles recruiting...

You are interested in this projet???You want to wrok with us???Contact the project Admin on smallpox2@wanadoo.fr (Any Domains and any skills).

Posted by Smallpox 2004-05-17

two new Developers....

Two new Developers will work on this project...
Ivoire on Damocles (3D engine).
Kodmaker on Unik (Network engine).
Smallpox on Junior (Physic engine).
I hope it will help the project to carry on.

Posted by Smallpox 2004-04-26

Damocles V0.20

After the "bugged" Damoces v 0.19,I think I will be able to give a new version of Damocles before September.
The new engine will be in C++ and will have simple textured Graphism (3D) and "realistic" physic elements.
In september,I think I will begin the dev of a full game based on Damocles v0.20.

Posted by Smallpox 2004-04-08

Damocles on sourceforge....

Damocles is now on sourceforge...I hope it will help the project.
If you want to work on this project ,contact me by mail on smallpox2@wanadoo.fr.

Posted by Smallpox 2004-04-05