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Interface Beta 4

Fixes issues with categories.

Posted by Knossos 2008-10-16

Bug Discovered

Bug relating to categories has been discovered. Working out a solution right now.

Posted by Knossos 2008-10-16

Interface Beta 3 Released

This release fixes problems with new version of PHPBB3! All discovered bugs have been fixed. Let me know if you have any problems!

Posted by Knossos 2008-10-16

EvE Online IGB - PHPBB Interface: PHPBB3 Interface Beta 1

This project is designed to create an interface to go between the EvE-Online InGame Browser and PHPBB. Code is available directly via the SourceForge subversion system. If you have any amendments you can change the code and send the changes to me.

Hello! The initial beta release has been distributed via SVN and as an actual release. Check it out, try it, let me know if there are any problems!

Posted by Knossos 2008-10-15


I am currently working on a far more reliable version of the Interface to work with PHPBB3.

Check this space!

Posted by Knossos 2008-07-19