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Unable to install on Etch

  • Aaron noraA
    Aaron noraA

    Hi All,

    I'm running GNU/Linux Debian Etch and Autopackage 1.2.4

    Executing (as root or standard user):
    autopackage-launcher-gtk ETW-3.6-linux-x86.package

    writes on the console:
    /tmp/autopackage.2551723720/meta/ line 127: _checkEULA: command not found

    while the gui writes:
    Checking for required C library versions ... OK
    Unable to prepare package Eat The Whistle.

    Maybe you could also release the files in a tarball ?

    Thanks for supporting.

    • Gabriele Greco
      Gabriele Greco

      The problem is that you have already autopackage installed, Eat The Whistle uses 1.2.5 that is incompatible with 1.2.4 (the checkEULA is one of the new symbols). At the moment you can compile it from sources or try to set the correct enviroment variable before running the package:


      This should force the download of 1.2.5 runtime or the use of the 1.2.5 version provided already inside the package.