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ETS 3.06a released

cache system was broken

Posted by Franck Marcia 2004-05-26

ETS 3.06 released

Introduce sprintts and printts which accept template content as parameters (thanks to Axel Tietje)
Extend sprint and print to accept handler names as parameter (used by sprintts and printts)
Spaces, tabs and ends of line in data are not affected by reduce directives any longer.

Posted by Franck Marcia 2004-05-14

ETS 3.05b released

Spaces, tabs and ends of line are not affected by reduce directive in cdata sections.

Posted by Franck Marcia 2003-12-12

ETS 3.05a released

Fixes and clean up

Posted by Franck Marcia 2003-08-08

ETS 3.05 released

- Accept empty containers (0 byte or without template)
- Accept null containers (which can be several)
- Check PHP error level before displaying an error
- Go on parsing when a notice or a warning is found
- Accept empty string as container name
- Introduce safe element which works like eval but with restrictions ( basically, no PHP code is evaluated in templates)

Posted by Franck Marcia 2003-07-23

ETS 3.04a released

fix: notice message

Posted by Franck Marcia 2003-04-25

ETS 3.04 released

Modify alternate tag, const and call elements to accept string expressions in template name
Modify include, insert, eval to accept string expressions in container name
fix a warning message for stored reduce directive
introduce eval element which works like include but for mask parts
fix text stored in choose and call elements when using simplified closing tag

Posted by Franck Marcia 2003-03-31

ETS 3.03 released

- introduce complete but optional cache of parsed templates with user-level handler functions
- introduce user-level handler function used to delegate reads of templates
- introduce _start, _next, _previous, _end and _parent (../id is the same than _parent/id)
- fix behaviour of parent element of a path (..)
- introduce mis(variable) and set(variable) which works like respectively missing and set element and can be used in if elements

Posted by Franck Marcia 2003-03-12

ETS 3.02a released

fix: blank page when no reduce directive

Posted by Franck Marcia 2003-03-03

ETS 3.02 released

update documentation
introduce {insert:file_name} wich places a file content but doesnt parse it
introduce {include:file_name} which adds outer templates of included file
fix colon character in value
introduce {repeat:n} which repeats its content n times
introduce simplified closing tag {/}
fix line number of error messages when theres more than 1 file
error message when more than 1 use of reduce element
error message when a file is missing
more strict syntax when parsing templates (so more error messages)
great cleaning of code

Posted by Franck Marcia 2003-02-27

ETS 3.01 released

- Introduce access to data of the parent template with .. in path
- Introduce management of missing outer templates with alternate tags to avoid calls to a template with the same name (i.e. {variable:template} places the value of variable if template doesnt exist)
- Suppress infinite loops of const elements detection because its not conclusive in some contexts.

Posted by Franck Marcia 2003-02-19

ETS 3.00 released

ETS completely rewritten. see doc and have fun!

Posted by Franck Marcia 2003-02-07

ETS 2.04 released

New features: look at changelog

Posted by Franck Marcia 2002-11-29

ETS 2.02 released

new features:
- masks for variable
- masks for missing variable
- comments
- php section

Posted by Franck Marcia 2002-06-17

ETS 2.00 released

rewritten entirely: less code lines to write, mask from levels' name

Posted by Franck Marcia 2002-06-04

new release of ETS

fix bug in nested blocks management

Posted by Franck Marcia 2002-05-17