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SvnAdmin Eclipse Plug-in / News: Recent posts

New version: SvnAdmin Eclipse plug-in 0.9.1

New version of the SvnAdmin Eclipse plug-in. This new version uses SvnAdmin API 0.9.3 and corrects some bugs. It is available from the update site: http://www.gavab.es/downloads/svnadmin

Posted by Patxi Gortázar 2010-02-27

New release: 0.9.3

A new version of SvnAdmin API has been released: 0.9.3. This new version corrects some bugs. It also provides more information when remote commands fail,

Posted by Patxi Gortázar 2010-02-21

New Release: 0.9.0

SvnAdmin 0.9.0 has been released. This version is fully compatible with Eclipse Ganymede.

Posted by Patxi Gortázar 2008-10-10