#25 esniper does not show shipping-costs

James Coleman


esniper is really cool. Simple to use, to the point, no unnecessary overhead.

There is one thing I really miss. You can fetch much of the auction-data like current price, description, expire-date etc with esniper (for example: esniper -s now -n -c esniper.conf 110430385370 0). This data does not include the shipping-costs. Those would be really helpful for calculating the maximum bid. (Lower bid for higher shipping-costs).

Did I miss the shipping-costs or are they really not there? In case I missed them please send me a hint, otherwise I would like to suggest adding the shipping-costs to the data retrieved by esniper.



  • Bodo

    I agree that this is a good idea, but I don't have time to implement this. Feel free to provide a patch if you need this feature.
    I personally prefer to look at the article description and images and check the shipping costs when I copy the article number to the esniper input file.

  • Bodo

    See also my comment on support request 2849849.
    This explains why I think this feature is not useful for users that do not live in the USA.

    (I can imagine that it would be nice if esniper could retrieve the shipping costs and if esniper could subtract the shipping costs from your maximum bid.)

    How do you get the auction numbers for the interesting articles? I guess you look at the article description to decide which articles you are interested in.
    When I check the article description I also copy the article name/title to a comment line in my esniper input file, add the shipping costs and optionally some short notes, e.g. new or used, private or business seller. When I finished adding all articles to the file, I add the maximum bid to all articles based on these comments.