Captcha problem . solution proposition

  • Not long ago, I had this Captcha-Problem. It is now gone again. I realized, that I had this problem before and I remember, that both times the source of the problem was, that I put too many Items in the bidding list for esniper. Esniper went through the list to get the details for the items from ebay and ebay gave my account the captcha-flag.

    My proposed solution now would be to have a command option for setting the minimum time interval (maximum frequency), esniper reads the bidding history at least on startup. This should remedy the captcha-problem for long sniping lists, which was obviously the problem on both occasions, where I got the captcha-flag.

    Would this wish be easily possible to be included for the next release?

  • Scott Nicol
    Scott Nicol

    A random delay could make esniper appear more human, so it might work.

    Others have suggested using the description page.  esniper currently uses the bid history page, which requires login.  Item description doesn't usually require login (for certain items it does).  If I change esniper to use the item description page, and clear cookies each time, it will be harder for eBay to track me and figure out that it wants to captcha me.

    Or I could do both.

    I'll try to find time to implement these things.