esniper login with non-english-sites?

  • jp776

    Hi Scott,
    I'm using esniper with esf-frontend. It logs in at us-site of epay and bides at german page. Now I got a problem with a seller and try to resolve this with german epay but the told me, I should resolve this with epay-US, cause I had bought there …
    The problem is, that it seems not possible to login with esniper at german page. Knut, developer of esf, told me, there are to many errors (no login, unknown timestamp …) at login on non-english-pages.
    Do you know of this and do you have any idea to fix this?

  • Scott Nicol
    Scott Nicol

    The problem is that some of the info that esniper needs is found by searching for certain words, and these are different on different language sites.  It is not that it can't be done, just that it multiplies the number of potential problems, especially considering that eBay often changes one country site without making changes to others (even in the same language).