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confusion over usage

  • OK I've read through the man page and the configuration and auction files  but can't answer these question: how is the ebay bid specified from the commandline?

    eg I have a configuration file ~/.esniper

    to bid from the commandline I would imagine it would look something like this:

    esniper -c ~/.esniper -q 1 -s 10 XXXXXXXX $180

    where the Xs are the ebay item number and $180 my maximum bid.

    But the man page doesn't make this clear to me.
    Specifically the synopsis line doesn't specify where the ebay item number should go.

    esniper [-bdhHimnPrUv] [-c conf_file] [-l logdir] [-p proxy] [-q quantity] [-s secs|now] [-u user] (auction_file | [ auction price ... ]) 

    I guess using an auction file is essential, yes??

    • Scott Nicol
      Scott Nicol

      You are correct about command-line usage, except drop or escape the "$" sign.  esniper will never see the $1 part of $180, just whatever the shell substitutes for $1 -- if it is blank esniper will see "80".

      You can specify more than one auction on the command line by alternating auction and price, i.e.

      esniper 27347282 10 68236828 20

      which is the same as having an auctionfile with the following lines:

      27347282 10
      68236828 20

      An auction file isn't essential.

      • Thanks for clarification esniper