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ESIS 1.1 in progress

Working on a major update of ESIS to check the latest information : http://www.consulare.ch/apps/mediawiki/index.php5?title=ESIS-Wiki:ESIS-1.1

Posted by Philippe Le Berre 2013-03-19

Migration to JasperReport 4.x

The main line of code (upcoming version 1.1) has been updated to enable to use the latest version of JasperReport (4.0.2). Time to upgrade these custom reports !

Posted by consulare 2011-06-24

New probes for upcoming 1.1

For the ones that can build from source, here are the new probes completed so far in 1.1 :
- HP TippingPoint
- Juniper NetScreen
- ESIS Locations (xml)
- Qualys Assets Map

Updated :

- ActiveDirectory
- Webwasher webreporter (now McAfee)
- Ironport Mail gateway
- Ironport Web Proxy

In progress :

- Juniper Secure Access

Posted by Philippe Le Berre 2011-06-09

1.0.1 is out

The builds for Linux are available.

Posted by Philippe Le Berre 2010-04-23

Finalizing 1.0.1 version

ESIS 1.0.1 is coming soon. It will fix a couple of minor issues, update/add probes.

Posted by Philippe Le Berre 2010-04-12

Google Chrome

ESIS users should not use Google Chrome for now. When requesting an export or print, Chrome eats the http header that contains the session id. We're investigating but as this works fine with all the versions of IE, Firefox & Safari we're assuming this a bug in google Chrome.

Posted by Philippe Le Berre 2010-04-12