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Announcing EsiParser

As a natural add-on to the EsiQuery submission, ESI would like to submit the EsiParser V0.1.0.1 package to Open Source. EsiParser consists of a set of Java classes that, in conjunction with ANTLR V2.7.2, generates EsiObjects lexer and parser code for a given grammar specification. ANTLR V2.7.2 (Another Tool for Language Recognition) is a parser and translator generator that is freely available at http://www.antlr.org/. This package was used to generate the lexer and parser for the EsiQuery package. The Object Query Language grammar file oql.g is included.

A new forum named Parser Generator exists on the EsiObjects project. If you download this package and are interested in working with it, you should monitor that forum to keep in touch with the latest developments.

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2004-03-22