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Announcing EsiDoc, a general document management package.

We would like to announce the release of the new EsiDoc document management package that runs within the EsiObjects environment. The EsiDoc package provides general document management functionality designed to manage any type of document you wish to implement. As a first release, the package has been specialized to manage XML documents. This package is actively running at a large DOD site to automate paper forms.

You can find the kit in the EsiObjects project at http://www.SourceForge.net under Files.
All the code has been upgraded to conform to the EsiObjects Coding Conventions. All levels of the EsiDoc structure have been documented. The kit contains a Getting Started guide that builds on the EsiObjects tutorial database. It is designed to guide you through the process of installing and testing the kit. It also guides you through the process of initializing a PersonDoc document designed for the tutorial as well as using the client application interface get and put functions to retrieve and store documents.

Please note that associated with this release, a new Foundation Class and EsiObjects Tutorial has been release. You must install them before installing the EsiDoc package.

This package will continue to evolve. Hopefully you will install and use it and make your contributions available to the community.

The next package to be upgraded and submitted to Open Source will be the EsiORB package. It is an implementation of the OMG's CORBA specification. It is currently used at numerous installations and is at the heart of the EasyEnterprise system that will be released through the World Vista organization.

We would like to thank the recent volunteers. Anyone who wants to actively participate in the development of any aspect of the EsiObjects project, simply send an email to me at twiechmann@esitechnology.com. It's only through volunteers that Open Source projects can succeed.

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2004-01-26