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BEAM 2.0 Released now!

BEAM 2.0 has been released on the 27th of June.

Posted by Norman Fomferra 2003-07-03

BEAM 2.0 will be released in June 2003

New BEAM 2.0 Features:

1) MERIS Smile Correction Tool: A processor which performs a correction of the
"smile effect" for MERIS L1b radiances.
2) VISAT Virtual Band Support: New bands can now be created based on an
arbitrary mathematical band expressions.
3) VISAT RGB Image Support: The source of each of the three RGB channels can
be any band in a product, even a virtual band. Constrast stretching is
possible for each of the RGB channels also changing the source. Default
RGB sources can be edited in the preferences dialog.
4) VISAT Pin Support: A pin is a marker for a certain geographical position.
Pins can be set anywhere within the geographical boundary of a product.
A pin manager window allows for pin selection, export and import. The spectrum
window and the pixel info view can now be fixed to a selected pin.
5) VISAT World Map: A window which displays the geographical boundaries of all open
products in world map image.
6) Support for ENVISAT Child Products has been added.
7) For high quality RGB output, "pconvert" tool can now also process mathematical
band expressions as source for each RGB channel... read more

Posted by Norman Fomferra 2003-06-19