I don’t currently have a way implemented to provide labels in the topoplots.  I can add that to the to-do list.  For now, the easiest way to accomplish what you’d like to do (maybe a better way) is to go to the channels function and tell it to set up a channel region based on a factor loading threshold.  That should get you all the channels in the isograph.



On Apr 11, 2014, at 11:00 AM, Arild Hestvik <hestvik@udel.edu> wrote:

Hi Joe,
how can I add channel labels to the temporospatial plot top of interest, e.g. fig 4 in the attached screenshot. I'd like to use a subset of electrodes, e.g the arbitrarily chosen inner "isograph" and use that as a PCA-motivated "region of interest" in analyzing the undecomposed voltage data, so seeing the channel numbers would help. I know I can look at the facpatST values, but a topoplot is more direct.

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