I've just posted version 1.35 of the EP Toolkit.  Aside from the usual bug fixes and improvements to error handling, I've enhanced the artifact correction routines.  The PCA process has been further streamlined.  The documentation has been updated and expanded.  I've also overhauled the file system to provide the foundation for further improvements, especially better support of non EGI file formats.  I'm also moving the package towards the implementation of a graphical user interface, with the help of Abbie Kressner and Paul Yoder.  A full list of changes is provided below.

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1) Fixed spatial PCA crashing doPCA. 2) blinkCorrection can now accept data files with multiple events per trial as long as there is one and only one at stimulus onset. 3) Fixed reversal of cell and subject fields when using readData for non-EGIS file formats. 4) Increased scaling of blinkCorrection plots so that blinks are more visible. 5) Added artifact detection and correction routines to blinkCorrection function, including bad channel interpolation. 6) Added automatic generation of cell combinations for the PCAtoEGISscript stage. 7) Added automatic statistical evaluation of factor results, using robust statistics. 8) More information added to the data and PCA output structured variables. 9) Eliminated need for separate PCAtoEGISscripts for one and two-stage PCAs. 10) Robust statistics prints to file with html format, allowing for formatting. 11) Updated EGIS session file utilities to have endian support. 12) Missing data number for parametric PCA changed to -999. 13) Increased range of files that can be read by readData and the number of options for it. 14) Added mergeEPfiles function so that data from Neuroscan can be analyzed. 15) Added writeData function so full range of supported output files is supported across the Toolkit functions. 16) Added editCells function for editing cells and making difference waves. 17) Batch selection of files in blinkCorrection file requester added.


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