#74 Support Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo)


I'm using Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) now and noticed several problems with ERMaster which are probably due to ERMaster being developed with Eclipse 3.5 only.

It would be nice if Eclipse 3.7 would be supported.


  • It seems to be working fine with Indigo 3.7, what specific issues are you noticing?

  • For instance, after importing tables from a Postgres database I get errors ("The error occurred by the plug-in": java.lang.NullPointerException), some tables do not appear, some relation lines are drawn which do not attach to any table, and if I try to move tables around, I get the above error again. I think I imported the same database with Eclipse 3.5 and it worked.

    Maybe the problem is that the tables are in two different schemas and there are relations between tables in the different schema? I tried with simpler databases with relations only inside the same schema and didn't see these errors.

  • Any chance you can provide example databases that replicate the issue? They'd probably go a long way to getting it resolved.

  • Ok. I have created a new issue 3511557 with an example database attached.

    I'm leaving this issue open since according to the docs, Eclipse 3.5 is the latest officially supported version. Maybe the docs need to be updated?

  • Could not reproduce issue #3511557 (now #79) any more with Eclipse 4.3.

    So ERMaster seems to work fine even with Eclipse 4.3. You should really mention this in part 2.1 of the documentation under "System Requirements". The current documentation sounds as if ERMaster works only with old Eclipse versions, and people with newer versions could be discouraged from installing it when they read that.