#63 Merge changes instead of drop/create



Liking the project, but I'm missing a feature to merge changes made to the ERD back to an already existing database or vise versa (merge changes done in the DB back into an already existing .ERM file)

I haven't tried other DB vendors, but when exporting an ERD to DDL for postgress, the DLL generated drops the existing tables and creates them again. This means i loose all the data in those tables. Would make a lot more sense to me if I can just merge back the delta of changes.

For new or dropped tables/columns and altered column definitions, I think it could be relatively straight forward, but I guess it gets more tricky when you rename existing objects. Maybe the already existing history functionality in ERMaster could be of help, but i guess it should automatically track all the changes made, instead of the entrering of a history point being a manual action.

I hope this sort of stuff is on the roadmap for the project, because, like I said, the project looks promizing!



  • As a workaround you can get the source and modify/turn off the PreTableExport code regarding the DROP DDLs , restart the Eclipse with the changes.

    The DROP codes would be turned off, I have commented this and provide a patch for HSQLDB.

  • sorry, clarifying that to restart an an eclipse plugin runtime with the modified code