Problem importing sequences from Postgresql 8

  • Karol Piątek
    Karol Piątek

    The base system is:
    Postgresql Debian 8.1 or Postgresql for Windows 8.3
    Eclipse 3.3/3.4/3.5
    JDBC Driver for Postgresql (JDBC 3 Type Driver).

    The problem occurs when importing the sequences from the existing database.
    The importing mechanism displays "No [sequence_name] exists in ...",
    although it read before that such sequence exists.
    all permissions are granted to the user connected to database.

    Probably the reason for such error is case sensitivity of the names.
    I will be thankful for any clues.


    • Hi.

      Do you use schema of PostgreSQL?
      I found the bug that the sequence of another schema can not import.
      I fixed this bug ahead.
      If you are using schema, please download new one, and retry.