Issue in Reverse Engineering Oracle DB/Schema

  • Saurabh Bobde
    Saurabh Bobde


    One of our team members was trying to use this nice little plugin for generating an ER Diagram for an Oracle Database.

    There were a couple of issues observed:

    a. The database they are connecting to is a very large database, with over a 100 schemas, each with 100s of tables.
        So, yes, performance was a bit of a problem. Is there a way to filter the requested information - either by schema name, or other options while specifying connection (to Oracle)?

    b. After selecting a particular schema, ERMaster displays the list of tables in that schema. Again as the list is large, it takes a few minutes.
       User selected only 4-6 tables (to generate the ER Diagram for). However, this seemed to try and process ALL schemas and ALL tables and since it took more than 15-20 minutes, user had no option but to cancel the operation.

    Can someone provide any pointers, if they've encountered similar issues? Is it a bug or limited/no support for something like this (it works fine for MySQL though)? Is there an update planned in the recent future?