Yup, it's that time of the year. Winter is coming and schizophrenia is kicking in :) I'm once again onto Yaws and Windows.

Has anybody succeeded in making ErlyWeb work under Windows with YawsAndWin32 Script: http://yaws.hyber.org/wiki/showOldPage.yaws?node=YawsAndWin32&index=1

I've installed Yaws successfully and it works. I can't, however, run ErlyWeb methods in advertised mode:

erlyweb:create_app("music", "/apps"). %% doesn't work, says no such directory exists
erlyweb:create_app("music", "full_path_to_say_www_directory_or_some_place"). %% works, directory exists

If I create the app in yaws's www directory, ErlyWeb's breathtaking start page :) appears at something like http://localhost:8000/path_to_app/www

However, any other manipulation, such as specifying appmods and docroots doesn't work :(

I guess I should really REALLY switch to Linux :)