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Installed the server and it works very well. It's actually quite fast.

I want to learn in detail about Yaws architecture and contribute to the project.

Once you learn erlang better i recommend reading yaws source to pick up the tricks.

Erlang is very easy to follow, and yaws is good code. One can pick up some
good tricks from it.

Also, it is hard to know what level of detail you want to know out of the yaws design.

How does erlang record compare to 'C' struct or C++ class ?

You have O(1) access to fields in the record, and they are compile-time ( record definitions cant be changed at runtime). So that is similar to C/C++. The difference is that erlang has dynamic typing and you can store whatever erlang type of value you want in a field.

Erlang records are implemented over the erlang tuple type. This should typically be disregarded of, but one easily slip into
situations where one have to break this abstraction.

See the manual for other properties, if there is anything else you might find surprising.

As a general advice I think you should forget about your C/C++ background and stop comparing
everything new to what you know in C/C++. They're not good role models.

Study erlang (and other languages) purely on the properties of their concepts and read source code to see how people make use of it, and follow their example instead of continuing doing what you did in the languages you know.

Please let me know where I can find docs and erlang details.


"Erlang/OTP R11B documentation" has reference documentation for all modules in the OTP release, and in the sidebar you can
find the Erlang reference guide. This doc can be downloaded so you have it locally.

"Concurrent Programming in Erlang" is a very good book. If you can't find a hardcopy you have the first chapter online that present the language and some philosophy of it. Begin with this if you are new with erlang.

http://yaws.hyber.org/ keep all the doc that exists publicly about yaws.


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