On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 11:46 AM, Florian Zumbiehl <florz@florz.de> wrote:

> can/should be combined with the mime_types_info above for setting the
> default_type, like this:
> {mime_types_info, [{default_type, DefaultTypeString},
>                              {types, [{MimeType1, Ext1}, {MimeType2,
> Ext2}]}]}

That works fine, except that MimeType and Ext apparently have to be

Is there documentation for that anywhere that I've been missing? I
obviously don't want to pester you with RTFM-able stuff ...

Sadly, no. Embedded settings have been coming up more and more lately, and clearly some documentation is needed. One way to deal with it for now -- other than asking here, which none of us mind -- is to set up the config you want in a yaws.conf file, run yaws using that config file, and then run

yaws --running-config

(probably from another shell) to dump the config of the running yaws instance. That can provide a lot of useful info for you.
> - access_log
> > - auth_log
> >
> Both of these are set as flags in the server conf, and they can be set
> together. The flag values are in the yaws.hrl include file, and using those
> values means the setting would look like this:
> {flags, ?SC_ACCESS_LOG bor ?SC_AUTH_LOG }

Hmm, now, how does that interact with the documented defaults, in
particular for other settings? After all, I only want to set those two
settings, and actually I want to set them both to false!? If that's
difficult, it doesn't really matter that much, I can just keep using
symlinks to /dev/null ...

Perhaps others have a better idea, but the best I can recommend for now is to determine the default settings, perhaps using the --running-config approach above, then figure out what the value would be with these two logs turned off:

Defaults band bnot(?SC_ACCESS_LOG bor ?SC_AUTH_LOG).

and then set the resulting value for the flags. Not great, I know.