Hi Leila,

one of the others sure will send a message soon, but I will see, if i can provide you already some informations.

But first, I use Yaws only as webserver and to bind a PHP to it.
I have no real experiance in write erlang code.

First, how to bind a erlang application into Yaws:
The Keyword you have to look for is "yapp"

Your other question was how to use CouchDB from erlang code?
There should be libraries,tutorials and examples in the web.
But to dont know how to connect to CouchDB makes me worry, if you choose the right database software for your project.
Sure, CouchDB is very powerfull, and I like it very much. But you need to know quite a bit about it, to use it without problems.

If you have further Questions to CouchDB, i sure can give you a bit informations if you write me private.

For the Yaws related questions I hope someone other will soon send you a message with more detailed informations, too.

Daniel Fahlke
aka Flyingmana

2012/10/11 Leila Keza <leila.keza@yahoo.se>
As a student in Software Engineering at Gothenburg University, I am writting to ask for information. We are going to develop a business intelligence application in Erlang where we will be using couchDB to store information extracted from html files and then the CouchDB shouldsend those information to the Yaws webb server. I am completly blind and do not know what to begin with. What I did so far,  I installed CouchDb and Yaws but the rest I do not know how to link them together.

Thank you for providing anny information or Tutorial.


Leila Keza

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