On 02/07/2013, at 7:54 AM, Steve Vinoski <vinoski@ieee.org> wrote:

I'm experimenting with developing a RESTful interface for one of my apps.  According to a number of sources, YAWS supports this.

Indeed. See for example this article I published a few years back:

Can anyone suggest what I need to do to enable my .yaws scripts to be invoked using PUT and DELETE methods?

A .yaws resource doesn't support those methods, so you'll want to use an appmod instead. Just judging from your recent emails, I think you should be looking at appmods in general as they're IMO much more powerful and flexible than .yaws pages:

See my article referenced above as well, it's based on appmods.

Oki doki.  I'm new to both Erlang and YAWS and wanted to keep things as simple as possible as long as possible to keep the steepness of the learning curve down - thus my focus on .yaws files.

Having now read both of the articles you linked I think I'll give appmods a go.  Yapps are overkill at the moment.