Hi all,

I just started playing with yaws, and I wasn't able to get the dynamic html generation to work.  I was hoping that someone here would be able to point me in the right direction to fix it.

I'm running Ubuntu (gutsy), and installed yaws through apt-get.  By default, yaws is running as a daemon.  I stopped it so I could run yaws interactive.  Running yaws interactive, I used port 8081 for localhost for development, pointing the yaws docroot to a directory in my
home directory.  I have a file in that yaws docroot directory named simple_ex1.yaws (just like the example on yaws homepage). 

<h2>Hello world</h2>
  out(Arg) -> {html, "<h3>Funky Stuff</h3>"}.


Unfortunately, yaws didn't process the erl tags, so I see "out(Arg) -> ..." in the html output.  How do I get it to properly process the erl tags?  Thanks.