thank you for the fix.
You check for the enviroment variable TMP, but if it doesn't exist, you look for c:/windows/temp! I guess looking for SystemRoot or simply SystemDrive would be a better approach(c:/windows does not exist no Windows NT for example). 
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To: "Sebastian Bello" <sebastian@inswitch.us>
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Subject: Re: [Erlyaws-list] YAWS on Windows 2003 Server

Mickael Remond wrote:
> Sebastian Bello wrote:
>> while testing yaws on Windows XP Home Edition we found it crashed
>> because there is no /c:/winnt /directory (/C:/windows /instead):
> This issue was fixed in the Erlang REPOS CDROM, but I did not commit the
> patch in the CVS version. This will be done today (I would be glad if
> you test it and tell me if it properly fixes your problem).
> Otherwise, I have been testing it under Windows and I did not found any
> other problem.


The patch has been commited in the CVS version and should fix your
problem. Please tell us if this is not the case.


Mickaël Rémond

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