Are there any plans to make Yaws ewgi-compatible?

ewgi's author plans to take a shot at creating a patch for Yaws and Mochiweb to make them natively compatible with ewgi. What's the community's stance on this?

For those who don't know what ewgi is:

ewgi is Erlang's answer to Python's wsgi,, and Ruby's Rack,

It is a minimal interface between the webserver and you app. It lets you applicaton to be completely server-agnostic. More importantly, it allows chainable middleware. See Django's middleware, and ewgi example middleware,

ewgi's authors would like to see ewgi spec,, to become EEP in the future. However, there are not too many people talking about ewgi for some odd reason. Even though it's already being used in production:

There's at least one web-framework that is currently ewgi-compatible (the one I'm collaborating on, Compatibility with ewgi may lead to a larger expanse and adoption of web-frameworkks