Yaws allows me to set 3 different docroot directories as shown below.  But according to YAWS documentation, all 4 versions of yaws_api:embedded_start_conf require docroot as the first parameter.  Regardless of what I set in SconfList, the passed in docroot is used.  So in example below, YAWS uses Docroot2 for all 3 port numbers.

Is it possible to set up several virtual servers on same IP address in embedded mode, and have the servers reference different docroot directories?

Id = "embedded",
Docroot1 = "webResources/www1",
Docroot2 = "webResources/www2",
Docroot3 = "webResources/www3",
GconfList = [{id, Id}],   
SconfList = [[{port, 8001}, {listen, {192,168,37,25}}, {docroot, Docroot1}],
[{port, 8002}, {listen, {192,168,37,25}}, {docroot, Docroot2}],
[{port, 8003}, {listen, {192,168,37,25}}, {docroot, Docroot3}]],

{ok, SCList, GC, ChildSpecs} = yaws_api:embedded_start_conf(Docroot2, SconfList, GconfList, Id),