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ERLSOAP 0.5 is now released

Erlsoap 0.5 is now released. The latest updates include major improvements from Willem:
- WSDL is supported
- SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 is supported
- other small improvements for OESB/OAS
Examples are moved to separate projects:
- erlsoap-janus-demo
- erlsoap-melodyserver-demo
- erlsoap-sms-demo

See more info at:

Posted by Leslaw Lopacki 2008-03-22

Migrating repositories to SVN

On saturday 17/11/2007 we are going to migrate our repositories to subversion.
After migrating the CVS repository will be disabled.

Posted by Leslaw Lopacki 2007-11-17

ErlSoap 0.4.3 being released on

ErlSoap 0.4.3 is now being released to sourceforge in order to enable further development of this library and allow for broader compatibility.
The following support will be added shortly:
- SOAP 1.1 support

Posted by Leslaw Lopacki 2007-11-14