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#4 FileUtil regex malformed on windows


When compiling on windows, FileUtil regex was failing because the following error:
Unmatched closing ')' near index 5

The problem was that the first backslash was File.separator but if it is "\" it should be escaped like "\\".


  • FileUtil patch to escape backslashes

  • Thanks for your bug report.

    The plugin is currently under heavy development. The latest version can be found on the 'jinterface' branch which is close to be merged into the trunk. The branch is completely new (almost everything rewritten) and uses jinterface for erlang rpcs to a plugin backend node (automatically started/stopped). It also contains a bunch of features, bugfixes and will integrate well into an emacs/distel based development process.

    It also contains a new, additional packaging type for applications respecting the standard erlang/OTP directory layout. Unfortunately, there's still lots of site documentation to update but if your curious enough you could already try the branch (the bug should not occur there). Since we develop under Linux and MacOS your Windows experiences could be very helpful for us.

  • Your patch has been applied to trunk.

    • assigned_to: nobody --> schlagert
    • status: open --> closed-fixed