is eWiki a good choice for me? Date-Field,

  • UCB

    At first, is there any erfurtwiki-support or newer releases in the future? The last release is about a year old.
    I want to build a kinda historic wiki. That means it should provide a date field. I wanna be able to list the dates as an index and to perform a search-by-date. The date is not the date of writing, but a date in the past. I would write a plug-in for that. Is it hard to do this with eWiki?
    Also I need an analyzer, that shows me the page usage of all pages. Does there exist a plug-in? What about black-list? Are there possibilities to check new pages against spam-urls or "bad" words?
    How is the performance if the size exceeds 1000 pages?

    Thanks for any answers


    • Henk Boerboom
      Henk Boerboom

      DateIndex: If you write the dates in a consistent way they should show up nicely in the WordIndex !

      Plugins: easy if you know php, there are 100's to choose as a base.

      Analyze: There are a group of SpecialPages I have in a menu I call Statistics: HitCounter, MostCisited.., MostOftenChanged.., PageLinks, PageRefs, LeastPopular, Pagesize

      BlackList: There are several anti-spam facilities

      Performance: No problem, although, when it slows down you should delete some older versions of pages (with a tool)