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Erebus / Blog: Recent posts

Version 0.15

Version 0.15 is now released! For Android version is now compiled with Qt 5, a big advantange of this is that it's no longer dependent on the separate Ministro app to download the libraries (theoretically Ministro is still a better option - it means libraries can be shared between multiple Android Qt apps - but in practice it seems to lead to some users being confused). Intel x86 Android devices should also now be properly supported.... read more

Posted by mark 2015-05-17

Version 0.13

Version 0.13 is now available. This version introduces various improvements to the rules: each character now has their own special skills, which helps distinguish the different characters from each other. Multiple Attacks has now been implemented (players can get extra attacks either through a Potion of Rage, or with some weapons depending on special skills; the Minotaur has 2 attacks). A new ranged weapon, sling, has been added. And combat with enemies that can only be harmed by magical weapons is now conducted via the Mind statistic, rather than Fighting Prowess - such combat is now entirely psychic, and this helps balance the game, making the Mind statistic more important. A troll has been added (to the 3rd quest), which has the ability to regenerate!... read more

Posted by mark 2014-02-21

Version 0.12

Version 0.12 is now available. This fixes an unfortunate bug where save games from the 2nd quest in some cases couldn't be loaded. Many other changes have been made in recent versions since I last updated this blog (see the history).

There are still only 3 quests, but I am working on a 4th, which will hopefully be released soon.

Posted by mark 2013-12-17

Erebus RPG now available on Google Play

Erebus is now available for Android phones/tablets Android phones/tablets on Google Play!:


I've tested it on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Android emulator, please let me know if you experience problems. It requires Android 2.3.3 or better, and a resolution of 800x480 or higher. This also requires installing the app Ministro, which you should be prompted to do when you first run Erebus (if it's not already installed). Ministro manages the required Qt libraries on Android. The libraries can take up to around 25MB, so it may be best to download over a Wifi connection.... read more

Posted by mark 2013-05-26

Erebus 0.6 is released! Random dungeons, and more.

The main new feature is a new gameplay mode, to play through a randomly generated dungeon. Currently this provides only a single dungeon, with no specific quest objective, and it's fairly simple (e.g., the only NPCs are traders), but it allows people to continually explore a new dungeon each time, rather than being stuck with the supplied quests. Long term I hope to improve this, so that players can play a series of randomly generated quests. I don't think random generation will beat quests that have been written by a human (in terms of complexity, variation of ideas, or storyline), but this gamemode will supplement the standard supplied quests, and hopefully be more fun to play over and over.... read more

Posted by mark 2013-03-29

Review at Free Gamer

Thanks to Free Gamer for a video review of Erebus 0.5. There's also a longer gameplay video here.

Version 0.6 will address some of the comments made:

  • A new "turbo" mode will allow game time to pass at double speed, to make it quicker to move through areas of the dungeon (e.g., that you've already explored).
  • The currently selected enemy that you're fighting is now highlighted by an animated red circle.

The reviewer also noted no sound effects, which is a bug that I've yet to resolve (it works fine for me...) - please let me know if you're playing on Linux, and sound does or doesn't work. Interestingly the intro game music did work (which is usually the part more likely to not work, due to requiring OGG codecs to be installed), it was the in-game wavs that didn't.

Posted by mark 2013-03-23

Erebus 0.5

A bit late announcing this one, but Erebus 0.5 was released end of January. This features a 3rd quest (not quite as long as the 2nd one, but longer than the 1st!)

For the engine, the main focus has been fixing up the look of the graphics. Rather than using a more traditional tile-based engine, Erebus uses a vector-based approach, where rooms, corridors etc can be defined as polygons. This means I'm not limited to everything being snapped to an axis-aligned grid. It also makes it easier to potentially switch to a 3D engine at some point in the future[1]. But it does mean the 2D graphics require some thought. I'd ended up with drawing the floor regions and walls such that they had a top-down view, but this conflicted with the characters and scenery that use a tilted isometric view.... read more

Posted by mark 2013-03-01

Erebus version 0.4 is released!

Most of the improvements in versions 0.3 and 0.4 have been focusing on bug fixes, and improvements to the graphics, user interface and performance.

There was also a problem on Windows where the binary didn't have the required "plugin" DLLs, which on some systems caused a crash when the player died, and a lack of sound/music. Should be all fixed now. (Gah, the problem of working out dependencies, which unfortunately isn't as trivial as using Dependency Walker, since the Qt plugins are loaded at runtime. I had tested version 0.1 on a fresh Windows install, but the problematic changes occurred after that!)... read more

Posted by mark 2013-01-01

Erebus version 0.2 is released!

This is the first release that's been advertised on Freecode and Sourceforge, and the first release to the Nokia Store. Most of the main basic gameplay elements are now present, though there's still lots of work and improvements to be made. There are two quests - a short one, and a longer one - so the length of gameplay is still fairly short, but more quests will be added in time. (Unfortunately generating content for new quests is probably the most time-consuming part of writing an RPG - even one hour of game time takes a lot of work.)... read more

Posted by mark 2012-12-21