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EQU XMMS Plugin 0.7 released

- SSE filter implementation
- Silence bug fixed in the FPU filter implementation
- Bugfixes

Posted by Felipe Rivera 2006-01-15

EQU XMMS Plugin 0.6 released

- Added shadow mode for the GUI
- Added support for different sample rates: 48K, 22K, 11K
- Several bugfixes
- Automated detection of X86 CPU characteristics on Linux at compile time

Posted by Felipe Rivera 2004-05-16

EQ XMMS Plugin 0.5 released

- Skin support
- A faster round function for x86
- An assembly round function for PPC
- Automatic attenuation of the volume when turning off the EQ
- The preamp control now provides correct -12dB, +12dB preamplification
- Code cleanup
- Bugfixes here and there

Posted by Felipe Rivera 2003-09-10

EQ XMMS Plugin 0.4 released

Fixed point implementation for the core added (not necessarily faster than floating point)
- Added two options to the configuration dialog box to control
1. Whether to use fixed point or floating point for the EQ core
2. Wheter the filter performs the second pass (this was ON all the time before and consumed lots of CPU) - Minor optimizations on the floating point implementation
- Minor bug fixes
- Added code (enable at compile time) to do some benchmarking of the implementations of the filter core

Posted by Felipe Rivera 2003-02-19

EQ XMMS Plugin 0.3 released

Version 0.3 of the EQ plugin has been released.
The main changes were a configure dialog and
a slight optimization of the filter implementation.
Consult the ChangeLog for details.

Posted by Felipe Rivera 2002-09-01

Initial Release

Version 0.2 of the EQ XMMS Plugin has been released.
GUI and autoconf support were added.

Posted by Felipe Rivera 2002-08-28