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EQdkp.com Status

I've been told that the server hosting the EQdkp.com site is having kernel issues and is being rebuilt. It will hopefully be up tomorrow, 7/18, but who knows.

Posted by Robert Speicher 2003-07-18

EQdkp Forums Move

Who knows why, but eqdkp.sourceforge.net is barely even responding to pings, let alone serving a forum.

So the EQdkp forums have been moved to a much faster server. You can find them at forums.eqdkp.com.

Posted by Robert Speicher 2003-02-02

1.0.0 Beta Release Soon

It took 14,000 lines of code and only 20 days, but the first publicly-usable release of EQdkp is almost ready to be released.

All that's left to do for this release is decide how it's going to be installed and writing documentation for that method.

Posted by Robert Speicher 2003-01-05