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#5 eqmod tracking stopps when handcontrol directions presse


I have an eq3 synscan. When setting the handcontrol in pc-direct mode, one can move the mount with the pc via eqmod.
One also can set the mount to tracking via eqmod..

If one then presses the direction buttons of the synscan hand control (or sets the slewing rates), the mount will move, even if the handcontrol was in pc-direct mode. But after slewing with the handcontrol, eqmod will stop to track.

That the scope can be moved with the handcontrol in pc direct mode is a good thing. There are some people (e.g. me) who have the mount in the garden connected to a computer in my home. I use eqmod with phd guiding, which can be done by my pc automatically. But for aligmnent, I must still look through my scope. As the pc is in my home and the scope is in the garden, I do the slewing for aligment with the handcontrol.

But after one has pressed the direction buttons or set a slewing rate with the handcontrol in pc-directmode, eqmod stops tracking and one must re-activate the tracking function via pc. That way, one can not align the mount properly, since the star has moved away, when I' able to add it on the eqmod pointlist

eqmod should be modified, so that the synscan handcontrol still moves the scope, but does not stop the tracking process of eqmod?


  • Chris Shillito
    Chris Shillito

    This is actually a bug with the synscan unit not EQASCOM. PC-Direct is an un-documented feature of synscan hand controller and is know to have problems. If you're not already using it you should load V3.25 or later firmware into your synscan as this appeared to fix some of the earlier tracking stop issues.

    Please note that PC-Direct mode has never been the recommended method of interfacing with the mount and EQASCOM is designed for direct connection via an EQDirect device.

  • Chris Shillito
    Chris Shillito

    That the mount stops tracking is most likely due to a bug in the handcontroller firmware. Make sure you are running the latest version of synscan firmware. That said the EQMOD project offers no guarantees performance when operating via a synscan in PC-Direct mode (which is an undocumented feature of the synscan and the EQMOD developers have no insight into its true purpose or operation). EQMOD is designed to work only via a direct connection to the mount using an EQDirect device. Using PC-Direct mode on a synscan is not an approved method of control and is only recommended for evaluation purposes (the EQMOD website is quite clear on this)

  • Chris Shillito
    Chris Shillito

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