Afilias EPP Questions

  • john palmer
    john palmer

    Hello All,

    Based on the EPP drafts by Versigin we are writing
    our own PERL interface the the Afilias .ifo system.

    There does not appear to be any example XML of the domain trademark elements in the EPP dovcs as this is Afilias dependant.

    The Afilias technical support advised that example code is included with the liberty add-on but that is assuming coding is done through the supplied interfaces.

    Please advise if/where xml examples are documented so I can incorporate this into our PERL implementation.



    • Daniel Manley
      Daniel Manley

      If I'm not mistaken, the XML format for the trademark is:

          <trademark>        <name>abc</name>
      All data elements are free text, even the date and the country (which was at one time, an ISO country code).